Bookkeeping & Audits

Bookkeeping is a very important function for any business.  Good bookkeeping is needed to prepare you tax return, support your return in case of an audit, prepare financial statements in support of loan applications, and to let the owner know how his/her business is doing.  We provide many options to assist businesses with the bookkeeping function. 


If your business is of the size where you decide to do your own bookkeeping, we consult with you to arrive at a system that minimizes time spent yet provides adequate information to prepare the tax return at year end.


If you want to be free of bookkeeping chores, we can do the entire process, record transactions, reconcile bank accounts, and prepare monthly or quarterly financial reports showing year-to-date performance.  Such reports allow the business owner to review performance and do some tax planning.


If you maintain in-house computerized bookkeeping, we can assist you by remotely reviewing you books to ensure that bank accounts are reconciled, income and expenses are properly coded, and receivables and payables ledgers are in agreement with the general ledger, and generally, ensuring that the bookkeeping is up-to-date.  This method ensures that financial reports can be produced at a moment’s notice, and there is no undue delay in preparing tax returns at the year end.

Audits, reviews, compilations

We provide audits, reviews, or compilations for private companies depending on the need or requirement. Whether you need an audit to satisfy grant requirements, a review for bond purposes, or a compilation for management information, we can help you.